5 strategies to follow in-order to boost your career in 2019

With the onset of a New Year, all the hopes regarding your personal and professional life become fresh. You think of giving a new start to your career by challenging yourself, learning new skills, and expanding your horizons. Every second, you crave to learn more and work on your professional development to elevate your career.

Following are the few ways to give your career a boost it actually needs:

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Strong networking:

In your career, you may have worked really hard to reach a position. But during that time, you ignored paying attention to networking and meeting new people in your field. Now, you can take out time to meet new people and create a network to showcase your own skills and get socially connected. These 4 ways to get the most out of networking will help you build strong connections.

When you join new networks and meet new people, you learn facts about an organization that can help you a lot in moving ahead in your career.

De-clutter all that is around you:

You should begin this New Year with cleaning and de-cluttering all that is around you. Start from your desk, your drawers, your laptop, and your phone memory as well. Deleting the unwanted stuff helps to de-clutter your gadgets of all kinds which save you time when you are looking for something urgent. If you have files, arrange them in order. You can be more productive if you enjoy your workplace. The files of the projects that you are no longer working on should be saved properly.

Remove stress:

With the onset of 2019, you should work towards removing your stress. It is because stress blocks your ability to think creatively and to find proper solutions to the occurring problems. If you are too stressed, follow these 3 Easy ways to rejuvenate your mind in order to fight stress.

Removing stress will not only help you improve your efficiency but will also make you focus better and strategize better in order to increase the overall output.

Manage time:

With a well-timed schedule, you fail to complete most of the projects on time. But this year, plan a schedule where you start your day early and keep deadlines for each and every project you work on. Managing time properly enables you to focus on your daily tasks.

Improve your skills:

In order to boost your career, you constantly need to upgrade your skills. Because honing your skills is the only way you can survive in the dynamic corporate world. For this purpose, join a language class or a computer program that is relevant to your field. Its not just a technical skill but also soft skill learning that will help you go places in life and experience a prosperous future.

In order to accomplish your professional targets, you need to work constantly towards improving yourself professionally and personally. By making a few lifestyle changes and setting a proper regime, you can take your life in the right direction.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)