This four-step formula can help you accomplish your goals in life

In life, everyone has goals and wants to achieve something, no matter big or small. Yet, no one has the wherewithal to see things through. For achieving our goals, we don’t always have the grit to get past through hard times or push through the pain to achieve our goals. But achieving any goals isn’t just about setting clearly defined goals and wanting them badly enough, the right strategies also need to be deployed for actually achieving them.

For connecting with your long-term goals, you need to create an action memo. With it you can achieve your goals even when you are struggling to move forward. Following is a four-step action memo that can help you accomplish your goals in life:

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Have a strong background:

As the author and leadership coach Simon Sinek often states that you need to begin with “why” in order to completely understand where you want to be in business or what you want to accomplish. Asking yourself why you want to take action will give you a sense of purpose. The purpose will give you the determination and motivation to struggle for something you want to achieve.

List the top actions:

Once you are aware why you want to make an effort, list the top three or five specific tasks that you can take under twenty-four hours. These tasks should be set by keeping in mind to accomplish them under the 24-hour time frame. This part of the action memo will provide you with a list of actions that you will be required to accomplish in the new few days, therefore, keep the actions small.

Keep a deadline:

Another important part of an action memo is the deadline. When you have a deadline for a task, it forces you to think about which tasks need to be accomplished and in what order. A deadline gives you the motivation and determination to get done with a specific task.

Track your performance:

The best way to ensure that you remain on the track of success is to track your performance and keep yourself accountable for your actions. By working with others, you can keep yourself accountable and make sure that you are actually completing the tasks. For this purpose, you can reach someone through emails or text and provide them the action memo along with dates and deadlines in place.

Writing an action memo will help you a lot if you want to complete a current project or want to get started with the next project. This will give you a solid plan to move towards achieving your goals.

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