You can be more productive if you enjoy your workplace. Here are 5 ways to have fun at work

At work, your brain needs passion and it is essential for keeping you emotionally connected and engaged. The words work and fun are antithetical for most of the people but they shouldn’t be. It is important to have fun at work because anything you enjoy, you are naturally going to do a better job with it and will give more of yourself to rather than simply doing it as a responsibility. With fun, you can make your job something to look forward to and less likely to think of it as work.

The one thing that is common among successful men and women is that they enjoy what they do and drive enough happiness and satisfaction from their roles overall to see them through the tougher moments. If you enjoy what you do, even the tougher days don’t seem rough. Following are the ways you can make your ways more fun:

Create playrooms:

For children, a playroom helps to spur their creativity where they explore new things within a small space. You can do that for your employees to increase their productivity. In Denmark, playrooms are a normal part of the day for marketers, engineers, and salespeople. It helps them to relax when the daily grind gets to be too much.

Share powerful memories:

Memories are powerful and create an impact especially if they have a lesson that can be learnt. If you have any uplifting and inspiring memories or challenges that you faced strongly, share it with your employees or colleagues. Encourage your team to participate in a fundraiser and tell them how their participation can make a difference in other peoples’ lives.

Celebrate success and appreciate other people’s efforts:

Success is not just one time; even the smallest steps you take contribute to it. Celebrate the smallest wins and give awards to the employees who made efforts for it. Write weekly emails to the individuals who worked hard and appreciate them through smaller gifts that you or your company can manage.

Practice mindfulness:

Mindfulness practice can help you improve focus on daily basis. If you practice mindfulness on regular basis and with your team, your team’s productivity will increase. By making it part of your office culture you can become better at making key decisions. Schedule a monthly event with a professional meditation expert where you and your team can learn new things along with having fun.

Celebrate special days:

Celebrating the birthdays of your colleagues can have a positive effect on their performance. It does not mean to arrange a party every time it’s someone’s birthday but a simple treat can make a person feel a lot valued. It is a way to bring everyone together and allow them to enjoy special moments.