Mobile Apps to help you stay on track in 2019

This is the time of the year where you find no escape from your friends who have been setting their New Year’s resolutions or from the magazine covers promoting the slogan “the New Year, the new you”. But whether you are someone who makes or breaks resolutions or have improved your life with the passage of time, you are probably resolving to resolve something in life. The resolutions you set every year are usually the same i.e. to lose weight, to get a better job, or to save more money. But very seldom you achieve any of those in that year. You put too much pressure on yourself every time but still fail to achieve your goals.

Have you ever thought about an app to help you do that? Your some of the perennial resolutions can now be tracked with the help of the following apps:

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Learn a new language:

You must try Duolingo app if you want to learn a new language. This app is really helpful because it gives you as much knowledge as you can handle in the form of a short lesson. It isn’t something that can happen instantly; instead, it makes you learn at a gradual pace. There are 23 languages to choose from and it is available both on Android and iOS.

For setting good habits:

Every year, you decide of getting rid of some of your bad habits. It can be easily done with the help of the app named “Way of life!” It is the app that requires more information from you because then it will be more effective in helping you to set reminders and custom messages. Up to three items you can track for free but if you upgrade to the premium version $5, you can get access to unlimited items.

Looking for a new job:

Glassdoor is an app that can help you a lot in finding a new job for yourself. This app provides you much more than just the latest job listings. All the important things such as reviews of the company, salaries, benefits, etc. can be traced through this app.

To save more money:

On your own, you might not be a good saver but Qapital will work for you in the right way. This app provides you alerts or stop payments when you are low on cash. Qapital links to your savings account. It then uses IFTT (if this then that) rule to trigger the money transfer every time you make a purchase.

For staying fit:

Nike+Run, is an app that takes care of your physical fitness. It is basically a running app that is based on your goals and fitness level. By intriguing with social platforms such as Facebook, Nike+Run  helps you to stay motivated and allows you to send a shout out to a friend in case you get off the track.

Healthy eating:

Foodprint by Nutrino that suggest what food you should eat on your personal preferences or even dietary restrictions such as diabetes. The app helps you to plan your meals and also show you a list of restaurants that serve the kind of food you want to eat.

To quit smoking:

One of your New Year’s resolutions must be to quit smoking. Luckily, there is an app for it too i.e. QuitNow! Is a motivational app that helps you get rid of your habit of smoking by showing you how long it’s been since you smoked last time, how many cigarettes you have not smoked, and how it is improving your health.

For concentrating more:

The app Noisli can be used for people suffering from insomnia, migraine, or simply if they want to have more concentration. The app generates high-quality ambient sounds that when played, helps to achieve better health and relaxation.

For travelling more:

This is the best app for travelers because it helps to search the best deals on flights and hotels. The app Skyscanner provides you great deals with all check out reviews, compare prices, and to make bookings.

To lose weight:

MyFitnessPal helps you keep track of your health no matter where you go. It provides track of your calories. It can also be used on scanned items that you may want to buy and want to get some nutritional information on it.

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