5 Books to read when life gets tough

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Sometimes it feels that you are struggling with a rough patch of life. It makes you feel that you are down on your luck and are unable to get a break from it. The universe seems to be against you and it feels tempting to resign from the negativity around you.

But getting a piece of advice at that time is felt much needed by everyone. Not all people can have the advantage of being around such mentors who can help in tough times. But through books, you can easily get advice that can help you not to lose hope. Books have lessons in them to teach you about the harshness of life and how to cope with them with courage.

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Following is the list of 5 books that can help any individual who is going through tough times as they will uplift and enlighten your thinking of life.


Author: Herman Hesse

This story of a young Indian Brahmin’s pursuit has been written by the Nobel Prize Winner Herman Hesse. It is how life makes you your own teacher and elaborates on the true meaning of life.


Author: Yuval Noah Harari

In this book, Harari has given the entire history of the human race which makes the book enlightening, provocative, as well as informative.

Loving What Is:

Author: Byron Katie

This is the book in which the author explained how she liberated herself from the story of the past and future guiding her through simple but powerful techniques.

Man’s Search for Meaning:

Author: Viktor E. Frankl

In this story, the author explains his survival from Auschwitz but the loss of the entire family. In this book, he has shared his experiences about how life is nothing without having a meaning for it.

The Prophet:

Author: Khalil Gibran

This book is a collection of poetic essays that inspires and enchants readers going through troubled times.

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