People don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic work cultures

You have a toxic boss and you hate him. This is enough for you to start thinking about changing your job before the bitterness gets into you and begins to reflect on your personality because of frustration.

Organizational culture weighs in heavily over the vision. Some bosses have a great vision but unfortunately, they are not good leaders. The culture in the organization is so abruptly toxic that not only it puts a blockade on the company’s vision but, also compels people to think about leaving the organization.

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A good boss has positive gestures that build confidence among the employees. Everybody needs encouragement to give their best and push harder. If all you receive is disrespect and belittlement, despite all the hard efforts you put into work, then it’s a sign — you are working in toxic work culture.

People don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic work cultures – Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi

Favoritism, injustice, and inequity are just the tip of the iceberg. What hurts the most is the insulting behavior of a boss who nullifies all your hard efforts with their one-liner “what are you worth for“?

Lack of empathy, appreciation, and regular support also discourages workers to give their best to the organization.

One of the signs of a great leader is, no matter how tough the times are and how struggling circumstances the organization is surrounded with, they don’t let the toxic behavior suffice under their nose. They understand the importance of encouraging the employees, especially, in times of crisis and when stakes are low.

It is not easy to outshine a difficult boss. Instead, when you begin to see the signs mentioned above, it is about time to make a decision to jump the boat. The truth is, you will be compelled to do it sooner or later so why not make a decision today and save your skin and protect your mental peace?

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