7 Ways to outshine a difficult boss

It is no easy to work under a difficult senior. In this kind of situation, your peace to work totally comes under the control of your boss. Chances are that your micromanaging boss will drive you insane and will put your mentality on tests every day. Unless you are independently wealthy or have won a lottery, most of you need your job and just cannot quit. The only choice you have is to make the current working condition bearable and possibility positive. Because life can be pretty tough if that tyrannical boss is not on your side.

When bosses are hard to work with, sometimes they make you forget even what you are passionate about. They put obstacles in your way that makes it nearly impossible to achieve success. Following are the few things that you can do to work effectively under such bosses:

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Display confidence and unshakable demeanor:

The constant display of unprofessionalism by this kind of boss will make your frustrated. For this purpose you need to create solid strategies to defend yourself against their tactics. This requires you to be in a good mood when your boss in a good mood. But when your boss acts tyrannical towards you force yourself to stay calm. No matter what you are feeling inside, display professional manners towards him. This will help to place all the negative light on your boss’s behavior.

Be well-prepared:

For dealing with a difficult boss, you need to be well-prepared all the time. You need to be able to predict your boss’s threats and the comebacks. Before engaging with your boss, you should focus on your own responses, behaviors, and reactions towards the way you are treated.

Follow the route to consistency:

There can be no magic trick to change your boss overnight, therefore, be ready for the long haul. Even with your boss’s inconsistent behavior, you have to remain consistent and communicate. This communication should include things that are not bearable by you. If you do this the right way, other workers will also follow your lead and will call out for the boss’s bad behavior.

Continue doing your work at best:

A tyrannical boss may make it hard for you to achieve success but there is no way someone can stop you from being successful. Despite the unprofessional behavior shown by your boss, you must keep on doing your work at your best. You must show up in the office on time and do exactly what you are asked to do without arguing for anything reasonable.

Become visible among the higher-level executives:

When you are working in a n organization, your boss is not the only onw to impress. If you are doing the work right then there are so many high-level bosses who need to know about your efforts. Become visible to these people by taking the initiative to introduce yourself on conference calls. You need to confidently state yourself, your position at the organization, and showcasing positive outcomes of your projects.

Create a chance for promotion:

The only way you can get free from the frustration of working under a horrible boss is to get a promotion or to get a new job. Getting a new job is not easy; therefore, focus on your work and personal growth that can make your promotion possible. Your hard work and effort will help you to get promoted and work on a higher level than him.

Remain professional:

No matter how your boss cuts you down of your opportunities, ignore, or humiliates you, remain composed. Maintaining professional manners will no doubt will keep you in a good position. If the things get unbearable, then follow the proper procedures with HR that will help you to file the necessary complaints against that boss.

Via: Entrepreneur

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