5 Qualities Of A Great Leader


The world today is increasingly complex and leadership is all about working with people to do new things in it. Leadership is in no way linked to authority instead it is about mobilizing people to tackle the hardest problems and to work their best. It is a trait that is embedded in every single human being but the key is to unlock personal passion. This is the passion that gives leaders the courage to do things that appear difficult, uncertain, and unpopular with others.

As a leader, you need to make sure that your actions live out your words. Leadership is not just about letting things happen, it is about making things happen. Leaders can keep life running more smoothly if they adopt the following easy strategies;

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1- Build genuine relationships:

Networking events are a great way to get to know people. This might be beneficial for entrepreneurs but great leaders think beyond just connections. They believe in building relationships that turn into friendships in the long run. They create a list of people they want to build relationships with, find the information regarding their email and social media accounts, and reach out to them.

2- Early birds:

Leaders are mostly found to be in the habit of waking up early. They squeeze in some kind of exercise at this time which gives them a jumpstart on their working day. Bill Gates and Barack Obama are notable leaders who are in a habit of getting up early in the morning and making their whole day productive. Research has proved that just a fifteen-minute exercise in the morning brings positive effects on a person’s cognitive abilities.

3- They believe in making small changes first:

The behavioral momentum of leaders is based on the idea of Micro-habits. These micro-habits are actually small changes that can help to succeed even in the most difficult tasks. Examples of micro-habits that keep leaders progressing include meditating during the coffee break for increasing focus and keeping a bowl of apples on the desk instead of eating unhealthy food. This approach helps to bring bigger changes in life. Whenever leaders are faced with a challenge, they break it down into small tasks and work on every task to build confidence for working on the most difficult ones.

4- They are low-tech:

Note-keeping and keeping track of the daily calendar has become easier with today’s digital tools. But most leaders like to stay low-tech and keep these things on simple notepads. According to research, people who turn themselves away from getting notified digitally, have better memory and stay happier as compared to the ones who strictly depend on these digital tools.

5- Leading from the front:

A difference between a boss and a leader is that boss orders and commands while a leader leads from the front. A leader sets an example for others to follow. A leader inspires and shows followers how to move forward. You can not command respect if you do not lead from the front and get things done, and show the way for others to follow.

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