You are the “CEO” of your life. The buck stops at you

In the rat race for survival on this planet, most of us do not chase our dreams. We are caught in a terrible vicious cycle of life. Sadly, we do not realize that the only barrier to our growth is none other than ourselves.

Our life’s journey begins in a family environment that stops us from exploring and experiencing new things at a very young age to our adulthood where we are pushed against the wall to make ends meet and provide for our family.

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It is the journey of eating, sleeping, playing, studying, going to work, worrying about money, and then a horrific realization. A realization that you are too old to start all over again. Neither the body nor the heart has the energy to allow us to chase our dreams.

For most of us, this journey of life between childhood and adulthood reels in a typical course of events that empowers us to do anything in life but grow.

Going through the motions day in and day out as if we are a mechanical clock that “needs the wind” to regulate its activities is the story of almost every second individual on this planet.

Being unable to live life as they’ve always wished is also one of the regrets of dying.

People believe they are not meant to test their wings because, in their childhood, they were told — “they can not do it”, and “they are good for nothing”.

Fast forward, the other side of the story does not hang in balance either. It’s the story of a worn soul with no energy left in their body to go and get what they always wanted, to be able to pursue their goals. This is a story of an older us who has lived all his life in a struggle to “survive“.

If we look at the footprints of successful people, we find that they did not hesitate to test their wings at a very early age. I am not going to convince you to drop out of college as some successful western entrepreneurs have done. Trust me, it’s a bad idea. Education is very important but if we take a leaf out of their books, it depicts their fearless attitude towards life and work.

They were able to break their mental barriers because they knew, they are the ones who is stumbling blocks in their aspirations to achieve anything in life.

Progress is progress, no matter how slow it is. Instead of waiting for tomorrow to start all over again, lay down the foundation of your dreams today.

What matters the most is, the progress is regular, without skipping a beat. If we keep making an impact, soon we will be able to strike a difference with our continuous efforts.

We have only one life to live, why not make the best use of it? Break the shelters created around us by realizing they are not the shelters, instead – they are the barriers that do not let us extend ourselves to step outside and explore life.

Be the crazy one, the courageous one who does not pay heed to the outer voices telling them “you are crazy”.

Remember, crazy ones make a difference in this world. Don’t be shy, create your story.

Make the world sing your song and dance to your beat because you were able to break the norms and most importantly, you lived your life the way you wanted to live.

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