5 Best apps for video calling

We may not realize it but we actually are living in the future, this is the future we saw in movies 2 decades back. With the passage of time video calling has become much easier and is being used pretty much by everyone. The apps for these video calls have also become smarter.

There is so much variety of the apps that offer video calling services that it makes it hard to choose from. Following is the list of apps which can be used regardless of the device owned by the user.

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This is one of oldest running messaging of the tech industry. Skype is currently owned by Microsoft and is available on Apple’s Store for the iPhone and iPad users and on Google Play for the Android users. Both the users need to have Skype in order to make the video call. Users can make free Skype-to-Skype calls but the calls made otherwise are charged.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook’s Messenger app is also another very popular app for making video calls. The platform users can easily download it from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. This app was started for texting purposes but then Facebook added the ability to make video calls. Messenger’s calls can be received on mobile devices by using computer running programs such as Opera, Chrome, or FireFox.

Google Duo:

Google Duo is another great app for the Apple and Android device users. When downloaded on both ends, users can make audio as well as video calls for free. Being relatively new, this app has not yet become so much popular among internet users. You can see how many of the contacts are using it by launching the app on your mobile device and inviting others to download and install Duo.

WhatsApp Messenger:

This is currently the most popular app among people as it allows texts, audio as well as video calls. Once the app is launched, users can tap on the Calls icon at the bottom. Then   by tapping on the Contacts icon in the upper right corner, users can see contacts lists that are using the WhatsApp service.

Amazon Alexa:

Amazon Echo smart speaker also supports the video calls with the help of its Alexa app. for the app, users just require their mobiles. The app can easily be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

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