Finally Gmail is turning address and phone numbers into hyperlinks

Gmail has been offering a lot to its users since long. There is almost every feature that has been introduced by this platform. It is no doubt one of most popular emailing service around the world. Gmail has recently rolled out an update for its users which will free them from copy-pasting the address or a phone number in an email in order to view it in the inbox.

This is really going to be a time-saving feature as Gmail will now automatically detect and convert the addresses, phone numbers, and contacts into hyperlinks. Since most other mailing apps have made it much easier for the contact details, this addition by Gmail will be definitely welcomed by its users. Now, in order to look up for addresses in Google Maps, users can simply click the email addresses to automatically open their default mail apps composed window. If the users are on mobile, they can click on the phone numbers to start a call instantly.

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According to the Google’s team, the information is exchange by users including phone numbers and addresses in order to arrange for meetings, introducing colleagues as well as planning events. Before the update, a lot of time was lost while copy pasting the addresses and phone numbers from an email to other apps and websites. So, Gmail has now brought an improvement to its platform for saving users’ precious time.

The feature is now activated for most of the Gmail users but for those who are unable to use it, will be provided with the service after three days when Google will roll out the service officially.

Via: Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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