Google’s new iOS search app

Google has rolled out a new feature for its Search app on iOS which will give users a deep understanding of the topic they are reading. This is the feature that provides users even more of an excuse to stay longer on the app instead of using their web browser for searching related topics.

The Google Search app will now do the work for suggesting articles related to the content currently being read by a user, Engadget reports. When users are on the app, they will scroll down to the end of the article swiping back up that will reveal a new window to them with the title “People also view”. In order to reveal more articles, users will scroll to the left side otherwise the window will stay hidden from the view so that users stay focused on what they are reading.

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Upon selecting another article from the list, users can simply tap on the link for accessing it without leaving the app. This is where a process will start for keeping users hooked to the app.

Many other companies such as eBay are also applying these kinds of discovery tools for increasing the users’ time that they spend on the apps. Google plans to expand its search feature in more languages and locations in the future but currently, it is only available in U.S.

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