SnapChat new augmented reality feature brings Bitmoji to the real world

SnapChat has no doubt given rise to a trend of selfies but now, the platform seems to be revamping the whole game. Snap gave rise to the augmented reality features which have grown in popularity now. It was the first one to launch major consumer apps. Its’ after SnapChat that platforms like Facebook and Instagram started to introduce copies of the platform’s features. This didn’t discourage SnapChat from introducing unique features for the platform. It has recently introduced two features by using the app’s camera.

These features include Bitmoji, which allows people to create cartoon avatars for themselves. The other feature uses the augmented reality technology so that users can turn product images into the real world. With the help of the app’s camera, users will get the ability to superimpose their Bitmoji avatar into any environment they are looking at.

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With the popularity of all such features, Apple has also announced recently that its flagship device will also be offering the augmented reality technology. With the Bitmoji feature, SnapChat seems to have a bigger advantage as Facebook and Apple are still behind in creating a database of user avatars. The new features will be made available from Thursday to the app’s iOS and Android users.

Via: Recode

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