5 ways to success through your personal transformation

No matter how silent your surroundings are, everyone has a voice in their head. This is the voice that sometimes shouts or sometimes it whispers. It often makes unreasonable demands but sometimes it offers sage advice to you.

There is the most frequent voice that says “you need to change and you need to do better”. This asks for bringing a change in your life either makes you feel guilty or maybe it inspires you. But smart people know that in order to achieve their dreams, they have to listen deeply to that inner voice and recognize what kind of personal change is actually required.

It seems daunting to think about bringing the change especially if you are not learning any more skills to add to your skillset. But if start taking baby steps, you can improve a lot as an individual:

1. Identify your direction:

The first step towards personal transformation is when you decide your direction. Decide where you want to reach in life and the reason behind it. Once you know why you want to change yourself in order to become a better person, it will become easier to cover the journey. Find your own reason why you want to change and why is it necessary.

2. Always open to seeking advice:

You can never reach your goals without having any directions in mind. It is easier to get lost and become hopeless. But even in that hopelessness, if you have the advice of someone, your journey towards your goals will become easier. Ask for help in knowing how you can bring that change by the mentors who have walked the same path as yours.

3. Leave your comfort zone:

You cannot achieve anything until you leave your comfort zone. Change does not come until you get uncomfortable or face the hardships. But leaving the comfort zone does not mean taking bigger steps. You can start by improving one per cent each day and with time; it will bring a massive impact on your life.

4. Nothing happens overnight:

All the successful people you see around did not achieve success overnight. There are years of struggle which are unknown to you. Always be prepared for the timings of the process, problems and stumbling blocks of uncertainty that will come along the way. The personal transformation happens with performing daily habits, practicing hard and repeating the process continuously.

5. You are important:

When you are on the road to transformation, the biggest motivator would be you. You need to have faith in your ability to bring a change and understand that no one else is going to change your life but you.

You will face a lot of problems in your journey to success, don’t lose hope. It will teach you a lot of lessons. Remember failure is the best teacher. Don’t be afraid to lose. Just remember to value yourself, believe that you have what it takes to bring a change in your life.

Personal transformation is nurtured by the people around you. If you want to change in a profound way that fulfils the aspirations of the individuality self, you will need your social support system. Therefore, make deep and authentic connections with your own self and with others.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)