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It’s simple to assume that everyone in the computer industry is a software engineer who can create apps in a flash and is proficient in a variety of programming languages. The tech industry is far larger than these presumptions, though.

The need for data scientists and software engineers is growing as the industry does. We also require smart marketers imaginative designers cyber security specialists and more. Continue reading if you want to learn about jobs other than coding and are thinking about a career change.

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Data Analytics

Link: Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certification

If you’re interested in the field of data there’s a technical path made specifically for you. With Google’s Data Analytics certification you can acquire the abilities of a beginning data analyst. You will become a specialist in data cleansing analysis, and visualization methods with technologies such as Tableau, R programming, and SQL.

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The increasing importance of data is driving up demand for data analysts.

Project Management

Link: Google’s Project Management Professional Certification

In the IT industry where new applications are introduced on a daily basis organizing projects is crucial. Many innovative devices might never be developed without it.

The practical aspects of managing projects successfully are covered in this certification. You will learn the fundamentals of Rapid project management and Scrum, get hands-on experience documenting projects, and improve your problem-solving and communication skills.


Link: Google’s Cybersecurity Professional Certification

currently data is worth as much as gold therefore businesses must secure it at all costs. You will learn about the best cybersecurity procedures and how they affect organizations with this certification. You’ll learn to identify risks and vulnerabilities, and master techniques to counter them.

Cybersecurity involves safeguarding networks, devices, data, and people, often with hands-on experience in tools like Python, Linux, and SQL.

IT Support

Link: Google’s IT Support Professional Certification

The tech industry resembles constructing a building from the ground up, with each contractor ensuring excellence in their domain. IT support plays a pivotal role in this.

With this certification, you’ll explore the daily tasks of IT support, from computer assembly and wireless networking to troubleshooting and customer service. You’ll gain skills in problem identification and resolution using tools like Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-Line Interface, and Binary Code.

Marketing & E-commerce

Link: Google’s Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certification

You’ve got software engineers crafting products, data analysts deciphering insights, project managers steering production, and IT experts safeguarding the infrastructure. With all systems go, what’s next?

It’s time to market and monetize! You may learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce with Google’s Marketing & E-commerce certification. You will learn how to draw in and keep customers using a variety of digital platforms evaluate how they work with analytics and collect useful information.

In summary

These five professions are just the beginning of the many options available in the tech sector. Every expert is vital to the success of an organization.

As the tech landscape continues to evolve, even more diverse roles and sectors will emerge for you to explore.

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