10 Pakistani Startups making headlines in 2016

Although Pakistan is considered to lack resources for making any advancement in the technical world but despite the odds, this country is making progress. According to recent polls by Thomas Reuters Foundation, Pakistan has been ranked among the world’s main economies where social entrepreneurship is increasing. Invest2Innovate (i2i) in its Entrepreneurship Ecosystem 2016 of Pakistan also regarded this country an entrepreneurial landscape.

This Pakistan’s startup culture is derived by young, ambitious, innovative individuals who embody the meaningless expression “nothing is impossible”. This section of the society is working hard to make startups and entrepreneurship in Pakistan look promising. In 2016, ten local startups were the most prominent among all.

Following is the list of those locally that were created despite all the challenges.


An Android based lock screen app named as Slide was created to attract users for reading content and click on adds by rewarding them with free mobile recharge and internet. This app allows users to choose content that they prefer. The simple design of the app is impeccably incorporated in the smartphone’s lock screen. Content can be related to any toping including current affairs, sport, fashion, etc. the startup downloads ranged between one to five million and also secured $3.6 million in series A funding Songhyun Investment, a south Korean VC firm, which brought the entire investment up to $4.6 million.



A Fin-tech startup named as Finja was created by tech and banking experts. It helps to digitize financial services in Pakistan. It is a Lahore based startup that takes the advantage of rapidly growing smartphone use in the country. Through its mobile wallet products Finja is making people more digital literate. From a Swedish investment firm Vostok, this startup has successfully raised $1 million earlier in 2016 and is aimed for future progress.



First women funded startup BeautyHooked provides a place for females to search for salon and spa services. It books the appointments online and also informs about the prices. In funding from Fatima ventures, this startup has secured $280,000 within a year of its launch.


Smart Devices:

This startup employs IoT systems to allow people to control home appliances ranging from computers to smartphones. This award winning startup is Lahore based and offers WiFi functional electronic devices to replace the traditional plug and socket setup. Its products sync with different devices with dedicated Android, Chrome apps, and Cloud services. This startup got nominated for World Summit Awards (WASA). At Telenor’s IoT expo last year, Smart devices had won the IoT award in Smart Home Category.



With the help of games, this startup follows a unique strategy of providing special education. To design interactive games, this startup employs Microsoft’s Kintech technology and augmented reality. This helps in the learning process of differently abled children. This startup won the award at the Stanford University at the GIST TECH-I startup competition. It has recently won gold at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA).



This is an online fruits and vegetables delivery startup initiated from LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE) and has secured USD 7.5 Million in seed funding, the highest value fetched by an LCE company for seed round funding.


Find My Adventure:

It is Pakistan’s first online end-to-end tourism portal that provides a one place for travelers to search, compare, select, and book trips across Pakistan. Up till now, this app has assisted 750 travelers within four months of its launch and receives 400 daily users on its website.



This is women’s online marketplace to showcase their entrepreneurial skills. This is a platform for women to buy and sell products related to lifestyle, beauty, and fashion, homemade goods, and food. Over 30,000 women are already buying and selling through this apps web and mobile portals.


Mandi Express:

This is a virtual agricultural market that connects consumers with farmers. This startup aims to provide quality produce to consumers at affordable process. There is a variety of products to choose from including vegetables, meat, and seafood. The biggest aim of this startup is to make the most of Pakistan’s agricultural economy by providing quality products in urban areas. This startup went on to win gold at 2016’s Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards as well.


Mango Bazz:

As the name suggests, this blog is different and has some un-aurthodox style of telling news. It is a plan9 startup which has attracted investors to get seed funding.



Written by Hisham Sarwar


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