Are You Under Paid?. ‘Comparably’ Determines Your True Worth

Jason Nazar is one of the most active tech entrepreneur, an investor, and a writer. He is very well known for his content site that helped majority of the small businesses, Docstoc. It attracted over 50 million members before it was undertaken by Intuit in 2013.

Being a successive entrepreneur, Nazar firmly believed that organizational culture affects the work lives of employees. He strongly supported the idea that ideologies and values of individuals can be a determining factor in an organization’s success. He figured out there was enough room for change in this area. So he came up with the idea of creating a place that could monitor the job market and make work more satisfying for the employees.

He created a website for this purpose named as “Comparably”. It is a website that features the true compensation and culture data in order to recognize an employee’s actual requirements. This will not only be helpful for the employee but will also make them work to their full potential which will eventually make work better.

This Startup by Jason was launched in March and was considered to be a bit similar with Glassdoor. But according to him, Comparable is based on a different ideology for helping organizations. The compensation data in “b” is more comprehensive for tech workers. Employees can have a complete idea about the payment structure of workers who are working just like them and can even carry out a search according to gender, company size, ethnicity along with years of experience.

The information that is available on the site is generated from various sources and consists of data regarding recruiters and HR departments of the already working organizations. The data goes through many procedures for ensuring the reliability. The company does not only provide reviews about an employee’s average salary levels but it also makes them understand the true worth of their skills and capabilities.

Evaluating the Options:

Comparably makes people fully understand the company culture and market compensation reports by offering them a SaaS product. It conducts surveys and benefits them with a broader vision to comprehend the factors such as leadership, job satisfaction, and joy. Everything on “Comparably” is being offered free of any cost so that every person can take the advantage of this opportunity.

The company is making efforts to develop a unique model by using the reviews for providing organizations ratings regarding leadership, team, compensation, and environment. There is also a comprehensive data that is available about the percentage of people who are interested on getting the job.

This unique startup has attracted a lot of high-profile investors and has been able to raise a $6.5 million finding with their help. The company has bigger ideas for proceeding with this program and plans to link the future searching talents with the related companies. This will help in making the workplace compensation and culture more translucent which will make job seeking and hiring process much more flawless and up-to-date.

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The Article originally appeared on TechinAsia