10 Things to Do in the Beginning of the Week

Everybody’s start of the week is just a blunt reminder of the intimidating, stressful, and a daunting work of the rest of the four days. People feel much more exhausted on Monday mornings rather than other days. They feel less organized and anxiety prevails throughout the beginning.

But there are few people who start their week with a much positive attitude. They make short-term goals for the entire week to keep them motivated and accomplish as many tasks as they can in an organized way. This is because they take advantage of the most important time of Monday mornings to make their work more productive.

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In order to avoid the dreadful chaos of Monday mornings, you will have to change your routine of the beginning of the week. These are the following ten routines that are a must follow by the successful people.

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Waking up early:

Being an early bird has so many advantages for everyone. Getting up early after a good night sleep gives a kick start for the rest of the day. Therefore successful people always have set sleeping and awakening patterns.


For good health and lowering stress levels, doing a routine workout is great. It helps with a greater blood circulation throughout the body and makes a person more active during working hours.

Healthy breakfast:

With an empty stomach, you cannot have energy to get the tasks done. Getting up early will give you the advantage of having a healthy breakfast before starting on with your day. You cannot wait till lunch breaks to get energy for working further therefore it is always best to start your day with a health breakfast.

Arrive office early:

Arriving at your workplace early not only gives a good impression to your boss but also helps you to set your mind for the entire day’s tasks. It is not just about starting early, it will help you to start in a better and organized way,

Analyzing the calendar:

Successful people never start their days on the things they see first, they always make a plan. They organize their calendar before start of every week in order to keep all important tasks, meetings, calls, and conferences to attend in mind. This helps them to be prepared for every upcoming event of the week.

Update their goals:

Successful people always want to achieve more with every passing day or week. They make short-term goals for every week and try to accomplish them. These short-term goals lead then to achieve long-term goals more easily in future.

Priority for difficult projects:

Most of us leave the difficult tasks for working on later but successful people always head out first for the complicated projects. This because start of the week they have more energy to confront all problems and difficulties.

Stay focused:

Starting a day for successful people is easy because they discard away the previous week’s thought box. They start their week with positive mindset and do not hold grudges to any of the unfortunate events of the past days. They concentrate completely on their tasks ahead.

Do not say “yes” to everything:

Successful people never agree to every distraction of the day. They just simply say “no” to anything that takes them away from their work such as phone calls, colleague’s chitchat and postponed these things till the work day is over.

They visualize the whole week’s success:

By starting in an organized way, they analyze their work and make necessary steps to get the desired results at the end of the week. This helps them to be more productive and achieve more goals they have set for themselves.

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