Free Bus Service for Female teachers and students in Islamabad from 15 June

Free bus service for female students and teachers in islamabad from 15 june

With the Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training launching a free shuttle service, efforts to support girls’ education in Islamabad are expected to be greatly strengthened. This creative program, which aims to raise female literacy rates and school enrollment rates, is well-positioned to address the urgent problem of insufficient transportation options, which raises the dropout rate among female students.

This plan calls for the renovation and deployment of about 20 buses—sourced from federal educational institutions—across the Islamabad Capital Territory’s urban and rural regions. These buses will work in partnership with the district government to offer free transportation to instructors and students attending public and private educational institutions.

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In order to guarantee accessibility and give priority to the requirements of female students and teachers, the buses will be reserved solely for females. These vehicles, which are a standout pink color, will act as a tangible representation of the community’s dedication to empowering women and promoting girls education.

The decision to start this program was made in response to a comprehensive internal audit that found that a large percentage of the current bus fleet—roughly 30%—was underutilized as a result of multiple operational issues like tight budgets a lack of drivers and neglected maintenance.

In the future the Ministry hopes to make the most use of these resources by offering women’s transportation services subject to space availability. This various-inclusive strategy emphasizes the dedication to attending to the mobility requirements of all parties involved in the educational ecosystem.

The Ministry is on track to implement this program quickly meeting the June 15 target date and guaranteeing teachers and students have timely access to transportation. This project not only makes education easier and more affordable for girls in Islamabad, but it also creates a safe atmosphere that is beneficial to their overall growth.


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