Four Essential Body Language Tips for Better Audience Engagement

Our actions speak louder than words and sometimes we communicate with other people without the aid of a single word. It is the most important part of the communication that only few of us study. Paying attention to our body language people can guess most of our thoughts and our situations. It is very easy to let anyone know about our nervousness.

For public speaker, an important sign of nervousness is the covering of their vital organs when they speak. This is the reason we see most of the speakers with their hands folded in front of them. This is the reason public speakers remain unable to fully connect with the audience. Following are few tips that are adopted by great speakers to make a better connection with the audience.

Keep the body open:

The most important way to communicate easily is to keep your body open. Covering up the body with hands can act as a barrier between speaker and the audience.

Have palms open:

Hands play an important role while speaking on the stage. If you look inside of your palms, it will soothe your eyes more as compared to the outside of your hands. Great speaker always keep their palms open towards the audience in order to engage it more intensely.

Get comfortable with the stage:

Getting comfortable on the stage is really important for a speaker. The body feels unrestricted to move about which makes the speaker easy to connect with the audience. Whereas if the speaker is not comfortable on the stage, his/her body language starts to constrict and remains unable to express in a better way.

But what if you have a podium?

Podium can be a relief for some people, as they think it as a better way to cover up. But podium is something not to rely on. People lean on it, shake it, and do all sorts of things which make their nervousness more apparent. The best way is to keep a comfortable distance from the podium and just use it for keeping your notes. Resting your hands on it will start causing the problems so it is better to use the power of your body language. This will help public speakers to better interact with the audience and make a good impression.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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