Government Schools Now Easily Hire Young Female Teachers

A professional path for female intermediate students in Karachi has been developed by renowned musician and humanitarian Shehzad Roy.

He offers them a job chance through his non-profit organization (NGO), Durbeen, and encourages them to pursue a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree at the Government Elementary College of Education (GECE).

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Graduates from his program will be eligible for jobs in government Durbeen-adopted schools.

By completing the teacher licensing exam, this position can later be turned into government jobs for grades 6 through 16.

These graduates will start up making around what a banker or attorney makes. By July 8, interested pupils can submit an application for admission to the school.

The Sindh government approved the teachers’ license policy last month in an effort to give instructors access to professional training.

Three different license categories for primary, elementary, and secondary teachers are included in the policy.

After passing the licensing exam, new instructors will be granted a license good for five years and renewable thereafter.

The 700 new teaching positions will be filled with licenses, and the hired teachers will be assigned to grades BS-16.

Experts from organizations like the Aga Khan Board and Durbeen are developing the policy. Promotions for teachers will be contingent upon obtaining a license.

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