Pakistani Students Can Get Fully-Funded Scholarships at Italian Universities without IELTS

Pakistani students have a wonderful opportunity because various Italian colleges have offered fully-funded scholarships without the requirement of IELTS. These scholarships cover undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in a variety of subject areas. This article provides details on the scholarships, including information on their advantages, prerequisites, and the application procedure.

Italian Scholarships Without IELTS:

For international students looking for higher education without the requirement of IELTS, Italy provides an appealing alternative. The following scholarships are offered in Italy:

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University of Torino Scholarships 2023:

The University of Torino awards scholarships to exceptionally gifted international students studying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in 2023.

University of Bologna Scholarship in Italy:

Italy’s University of Bologna awards scholarships to foreign students enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs supported by the Italian Government Scholarship. Italian rankings place the University of Bologna at number 69 and 160th overall.

To Apply:  Visit this for further details. 

Scholarships from the University of Milan in Italy:

For international undergraduate and graduate students, the University of Milan offers 155 Excellence Scholarships, comprising fully supported and partially financed awards.

To Apply: Visit this for further details. 

Scholarship at Padova University in Italy:

The University of Padova in Italy provides 43 scholarships to exceptionally gifted international students studying for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees that are totally taught in English. 48th in Europe and 116th overall, the university is ranked.

Application Process:

Follow these general procedures to apply for these scholarships:

  • Look at Italian colleges and programs that interest you.
  • There might not be a necessity for language competence examinations like the TOEFL or IELTS if your previous degree was taught in English.
  • By submitting documentation of their English language competency, students who completed their prior education at an English-language school can satisfy the language requirements without taking the IELTS.


  • Eligibility requirements can change depending on the university and scholarship program. It is advised to review the particular specifications listed by the relevant universities.

Benefits of Scholarships:

The scholarships provided are fully financed, covering tuition, housing, and other costs, giving Pakistani students a fantastic opportunity to study in Italy.

Pakistani students now have the opportunity to pursue higher education in an atmosphere with a varied range of cultures thanks to fully financed scholarships offered by Italian colleges without the requirement of IELTS. Explore the scholarships listed on this page, check the prerequisites, then submit an application for the courses you want to take. Italy is a desirable location for intellectual and personal development due to its esteemed universities and picturesque scenery.



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