The Punjab government has begun recruiting 1,000+ doctors

According to Dr. Jamal Nasir, the interim minister for primary and secondary health care in Punjab, the government is taking action to alleviate the physician shortage in public hospitals.

A call for applications will soon be launched along with the recruitment of over 1,000 new doctors. To maintain trust, the entire process will take place online.

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According to Dr. Nasir, the decision will be made entirely on the basis of merit, without the use of recommendations or special consideration. This protects impartiality and openness.

The legislation will also be passed to safeguard the rights and welfare of medical professionals and staff members while they are on duty.

In addition, Dr. Nasir urged physicians to regard their profession as a form of religion rather than merely a job. This highlights the significance of their function in delivering crucial healthcare services to the neighborhood.

The interview step has been eliminated from the process to further increase openness, assuring a fair and impartial selection process in all respects.



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