An internship program for Pakistani students has been announced by Japan

A paid internship program for Pakistani students has been started by the government of Japan in association with the PM Youth Programme of Pakistan.

Details reveal that more Japanese businesses are looking to hire talent from abroad. Smaller businesses, in particular, have difficulties because they have no experience working with international professionals and don’t have access to professional networks.

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The “METI Japan Internship Programme” has been introduced to address this problem. By recruiting international university students and top personnel, this program aids Japanese small and medium-sized businesses in expanding abroad. Participants will have the ability to learn about Japanese employment duties through internships.

What you should know about the METI Japan Internship Programme is as follows:

Eligibility Criteria and Responsibilities:

  • Candidates must be in line with the goals of the project, be citizens of the relevant nations, be able to speak English or Japanese at the N3 or higher level on the JLPT, and they must be of legal age and enrolled in school.
  • Graduates and current students must submit the pertinent certifications and recommendation letters.
  • By the deadline of August 31, 2023, the candidate must be 20 years old and not older than 40.
  • Interns are expected to work with internship managers to create a plan, participate in training sessions, put safety and health first, keep in touch frequently, turn in the required paperwork, and behave themselves properly.

How to Use:

Applying is possible through the official website of the METI Japan Internship Programme.

Timeline for Applications:

Summer Internship: From mid-May through late June 2023.

Mid-August 2023 to late September: Winter Internship.

This is a fantastic chance for anyone wishing to relocate abroad for a distinctive experience. Japan, the third-largest economy in the world, is the ideal location for someone to further their education and career.



Types of Internships:

Japan is providing three different kinds of internships this year:

Internships with Commuting (A/A2 Course)

For this kind of internship, daily travel will be required from your house to the workplace. Face-to-face interactions with your coworkers and boss will provide you the chance to communicate effectively.

Internships online (B/B2 course)

You can obtain experience through this kind of internship while relaxing at home or in another setting. It is a fantastic choice for businesses looking to go global because it enables the creation of surveys that are region-specific.

Foreigners can participate in the internship without having to go through the immigration process, which is advantageous for them.

Internships in Visit (C Course)

This internship is intended for international applicants. You’ll commute daily and stay at a place to stay close to the location of your internship. It is a rare chance to learn about Japanese culture and lifestyle while gaining job experience there.

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