Willpower is more important than the IQ

What separates us from animals is our will power. This is the ability of our brain to restrain us from our impulses and to resist temptation. It helps us to do what is right in the long run and not do what we want to do at that moment. This is something that is central to civilization. This is something that provides us high self-control and helps individuals to grow into happier, healthier, and wealthier adults.

People with low willpower are rarely okay. They fail to control and manage their thoughts and emotions. Willpower affects us from all aspects including diet, business, or sports team. These are the things that require necessary work to win. This is where willpower helps them to put the necessary work before anything else.

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The research has proven that willpower is more important than an individual’s IQ. That’s why it is important to focus towards becoming more self-disciplined rather than becoming smarter. Willpower is something that can be practiced which can help us to control our impulses. People are aware of the right things to do but are not willing to do them. For their setbacks, people so easily blame everything and fail to find their success.

Via: Thrive Global

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