How to conquer stage fright by Warren Buffet

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It might be hard to imagine now but the truth is that the billionaire Warren Buffet was once terrified of public speaking. Speaking on the stage used to make him so nervous that he preferred avoiding classes in which he had to get up in front of people. But he conquered the fear of his by enrolling in the public speaking course. This was because he knew if he failed to speak in public; it would likely bring an end to his career.

His life changed once he conquered his fear. According to Buffet, the instructor used to hand over a pencil to the person who had done the most of what was learned the week before. This was the time when he learned the art of public speaking. In his private office he now proudly shows his Dale Carnegie public speaking certificate which was received by him in 1952. He got degrees from the University of Nebraska and master’s degree from the University of Columbia but none of these are shown in his office. The thing that he proudly hangs in his office is his certificate that he received from the public speaking course. According to him a person’s fear can be overcome by attempting to do that thing again and again until the fear is gone completely.

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The secret for overcoming public speaking fright is actually based on a three step process.

First thing is not to be hard on yourself as it is important to keep in mind that this is something experienced by almost every successful person in the world.

Secondly, it is better to start small as Warren Buffet started with a simple public speaking course with other students.

The third is to avail every opportunity to present and do it over and over again. This is something that you might love in the end.

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