Facebook Messenger ads must be destroyed, they are annoying.

The ads on the Facebook messenger are known to take the half of the screen when users try to use the service. Recently, the social media giant has redesigned them as part of a larger rollout. But the company has yet failed to fix some of the reasons that these advertisements are not good and should be eliminated completely.

One of the biggest reasons for the unacceptability of these ads is that they are huge. They are simply too huge for the interface with images larger than any other element of the design. Even in the sponsored sections, the official videos and images take up almost two-third of the screen. But now, there is only one advertisement instead of a series of which users were forced to explore.

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Also, even the good ads have been a reason for interruptions for users. As soon as the app is opened, an ad takes up more of the screen than the actual content for which the app has been accessed at first place. According to a Facebook’s representative, since the platform has begun the testing in Australia and Thailand, the Messenger ads test will be expanded further, and people’s preferences will be prioritized first. Also, most of the appearing ads are irrelevant. It becomes intolerable to see ads of power supplies while visiting websites for reading articles. But the issue is that Messenger ads are devoid of context, these are banner ads regardless of what purpose the app has been opened up for.

The biggest income revenue for Facebook comes from advertising but it is also responsive of the stuff that does not make a sense. For now, it is not easy to escape the ads while using the app but if you want to avoid huge ads, then you need to be careful with the intrusive ads prominently featured in the Messenger app. In order to hide the ads, just use the little dot menu that is present at the upper right of the app. Advertising is a good source for websites to generate revenue but bad advertising experiences spoil the image of an app.

Via: Tech Crunch

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