WhatsApp is enabling more privacy and will not be accessible even if the phone is unlocked and not in your hands

Chats are personal, every one demands privacy. WhatsApp, the world most used messaging app is working on introducing a very important feature. The application will be opened by FaceID or Touch ID even if the phone is unlocked.

This indeed is a wonderful step to make your chats more secure and respect your privacy.

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According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is working on introducing Touch ID and Face ID. Even if your phone is unlocked and is in someone else’s possession, WhatsApp will not open.

The new settings are being introduced to toggle/activate Touch and Face ID. The App will only open if you supply either of the requested information.

Apparently, the new feature is being worked and test on iOS and should be rolled out very soon for every WhatsApp user.

Both features can be activated from Account settings.

Here is how the front view of app looks like if someone tries to open your WhatsApp.

In case the application does not pick Touch or Face ID, it can still be unlocked using phone ID as can be seen from the following picture.

No news has surfaced about Android version yet but we are sure it will come soon.

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