7 Ways how visualization helps you to tune in to your inner intuition and make you more confident in life

The real energy that guides and directs you is your intuition and you can become in tune to this guidance if you take the time to recognize it. Intuition plays its role through the right brain impressing images in your mind’s eye. Visualization helps you to tune in to your intuition and access the right side of the brain. Therefore, you must allow your intuition to show impressions and listen as it speaks.

Following are the few ways that can help you to uncover and trust your intuition:

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Identify your beliefs:

While experiencing hard times and pain, identify what you think about yourselves Accept everything that has happened to you along the way. Don’t stick to beliefs which you carry along your whole life because they are shaped by the circumstances and interactions that you experience while growing up. Allow yourself the opportunity to move forward and trust your intuition.

Love and accept your past:

Your past may have been difficult for you to remember because of some of the negativity that may have trapped you for years. But you will carry a lot of burdens your whole life if you keep blaming yourself or others for what went wrong. It will hold you back in many areas of life, therefore, let go of the past hurt and love and accept for what happened.

Listen to what’s in your heart:

It does sound simple but it can take you years to actually do that. Instead of wallowing in self-doubt, learn to evolve and move forward. Trust what is in your heart is right and do not waste time in thinking that you are not supposed to do it. What your heart says is most of the time you need to do and can help you achieve success if you take steps wisely.

Sneak in opportunities to meditate:

It is not necessary that you take lessons to learn how to meditate perfectly. You can follow the kind of meditation that suits you no matter its indoor or outdoor. You can meditate while sitting in the waiting room or while sitting in nature even for few minutes. Regular intuition will help you keep your intuition fresh and present.

Step-away from self-harm:

You bring harm to yourself when you criticize yourself for the mistakes that happened. You must look at yourself with compassion and forgiveness and fill up the angry place in your heart with love and mindfulness.

Release your grip with resentments:

Anger and resentment are usually hard to let go from your life but they stop you from growing to a better person. Do not hang to the feelings that are attached to resentments and anger. Release your grip on the deeper-rooted resentments and allow yourself to let go of anything that makes you uncomfortable. It will make you relaxed and you will easily begin to rely on your intuition.

Connect with yourself:

Do not run away from paying attention to the feelings that disturb you. Instead, run towards yourself and trust that you hold answers to all the questions. Once you will connect with yourself, you will feel safe and it will become a lot easier to start listening to your intuition.

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