WhatsApp iPhone users will be able to send offline messages

Communication has become a lot easier with the internet connection. But there is nothing we can do to send a message when there is no internet connection available. In the past, you’d be completely out of luck. But now the iPhone WhatsApp users can send messages to the outside world with its recently updated iOS app. It has brought it up to version 2.17.1 which will allow iOS users to send multiple messages. These messages will line up and will be sent automatically once the connection is re-established whereas previously the send button would disable without an internet connection.

This feature was already available to Android users since June last year but it is new to iPhone users. This new update 2.17.1 will provide a way to users to send up 30 videos and photos at once and manage the storage space by deleting certain messages including photos and videos from chat threads. It can be easily done by going to Settings> Data and Storage Usage> Storage Usage and then selecting “Clear Chat”.