Facebook is testing News Feed ads in Messenger

It’s hard to imagine Messenger screen as a way for revenue streams. But with Facebook’s News Feed-like ads on your Messenger screen, it is possible. For now, Facebook is testing this service for its users in Austria and Thailand but once it passes trials, the company would not waste any time in rolling it out to the entire world.

The recent announcement states that the new ads will appear to the users’ most recent conversations. Users will have the option to hide or report ads that seem irrelevant or offensive to them. The ads are designed not to interfere with users’ conversations. The report further explains that conversations will not be interrupted during ads until and unless an ad is clicked on the Messenger home screen or conversation with a brand is started.

These efforts by Facebook are not surprising as in last November the company had informed investors that the advertising revenue growth would shrink implicitly due to reduced ad load. Companies such as Facebook and SnapChat are shifting towards mainstreaming their ad offerings. This shift is directed towards garnering TV-esque ad prices. This trend includes fewer and expensive advertisements prominently featuring in places other than the News Feed such as Facebook Instant Articles, Full-screen Canvas ads, and videos.