Samsung invests $128 million for safer batteries

Galaxy iPhone 7’s explosions were the beginnings of Samsung’s biggest crises to date. Now the company is making all efforts to salvage its reputation. With Samsung’s failure plastered everywhere, the company has decided to take on a mammoth risk of regaining some credibility. The company has announced an investment of $128 million in the SDI division. This division is responsible for the batteries used in high-end Samsung devices including the Galaxy Note 7.

The recent investment aims to help the division a new eights-step testing procedure for all of its batteries. This long process will be helpful in eradicating all the manufacturing errors. That is because Note 7 was laden with two manufacturing errors due to which the device ended up in explosions. Around 100 employees and executives will be appointed for working in various departments such as production, development, technology, quality, and verification.

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Company is also looking forward to providing batteries for Samsung’s other major releases including Galaxy S8 and Note 8. This will certainly help Samsung to lessen the gap that has been created due to Galaxy Note 7s. The company is also showing interest in other manufacturers for SDI batteries with which one could expect that the previous Note 7s incident is becoming a history for other people too.

But the company must restore the market and consumer confidence as early as possible in order to mitigate the loss it has already suffered. If a device doesn’t function in future, than that’s it for the company. Everything will go against Samsung resulting in a complete wipe off from the market.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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