What to say to yourself when you get laid off from a job

Good reasons for being laid off

When economies bounce back after a severe recession, why can’t a person survive after being laid off? Getting jobless is not as grim as it actually sounds. It is an opportunity for a person to reevaluate priorities and re position for new career goals.

It does come like a big jolt to one’s self esteem but the shock wears off after some time. The shock has an after shock too, sometimes triggering depression and anxiety.

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This is the time when a person should know how to handle the natural range of emotions that set in after being knocked off. The research suggests that it’s a good time to brush yourself off and focus on getting back to your situation. Once this period is over, you can jump back in and plan what you think is most appropriate.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are few things that can help you stay calm and prepare yourself to reenter the world of job search.

1. Take a deep breath:

There is no need to panic; you need to stay in good terms even with your former employers and coworkers. Try not to say anything in the heat of the moment that your regret later.

2. Have a response ready:

If you don’t feel like talking about the new job search it’s better to keep a response ready.

3. Make a call to a close friend:

It is good to share a bad news with someone really close friend instead of suffering in silence.

4. Don’t take it personal:

It is not necessary that you got terminated because of your own fault; there are many other reasons that are beyond your control.

5. Don’t sign anything:

It is better not to sign a termination letter right away. Read it thoroughly before signing as it may be a confirmation by you not to sue the company over a certain period of time.

6. Have a detailed discussion with HR:

Request the HR for few of the follow-up questions regarding your benefits etc.

7. Clear your computer from important stuff:

For your future job search, its better take all the possible information from your computer including personal files, contact information, performance report, or anything else important.

8. Don’t say anything that you’ll regret:

It’s natural to have stupid things filling your mind when you get the news. But never say anything while walking out of the door that you regret later on. Stay professional till the end and leave your former employer in best terms.

9. Don’t consider yourself a victim:

Considering yourself the victim can stop you from moving forward. Do not think yourself miserable.

10. Don’t send the alert at once:

It may happen that you jump to social media for requesting everyone for future job. By doing so, you can erase the opportunity to think alone about the next move you want to take.

11. Ask for a recommendation:

This is the time to ask for asking references from your colleagues or bosses for your future job application. Take their personal contact number for their help in job search.

12. Avoid drastic decisions:

In hard times, it’s possible you take immediate decisions but it’s better to cancel everything such as family trips or even getting a haircut.

13. Don’t lose confidence:

This bad news can certainly shake the confidence of a person but think of your achievements during your employment time. Make a list of all your accomplishments and stay positive.

14. Angry letter:

Express your feelings on a piece of paper and then destroy the letter afterword. It will help to calm you down without bursting on others.

15. Process your emotions:

Figure out your emotions and then respond productively.

16. There is always a new hope:

Do not take your termination as an end of the world. Changing jobs may feel daunting but consider yourself more capable with the experience you gained at the previous job.

17. Go on a mini vacation:

Breaks are good when you feel exhausted but they become necessary in a termination situation. Change you mood by giving a well-earned time to yourself.

Take this phase of life as a learning experience and stay focused on improving the skills that can take you on a higher level in future.

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