Amazon is Now Selling a Garden Dome Igloo You Can Take Anywhere

If you are into camping and love to go to the mountains, open places and sleep under the sky to see the mesmerizing scene of stars or a cloud cover pouring down the rain, you know the worth of those priceless moments.

Amazon now offers a new product, a “Garden Dome Igloo” that allows you to “glamp” in your backyard to get a clear view of the night sky. It’s a geodesic garden homemade from non-corrosive, recyclable PVC material.

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The igloo allows the maximum solar gain, optimal airflow and maintains a uniform temperate. It also has a complete wind and snow resistance because of its robust design. The Garden Igloo has a diameter of 11’9″. The maximum height is 7’2″ and the base area is 107 ft.

It’s a 12 Ft Stylish Conservatory, Play Area, Greenhouse which can be installed in your backyard to enjoy amazing sceneries and can also be taken anywhere you want if you love travelling and sleeping under the sky.

These interlocking triangles have become trendy again. If you want to acquire one, you can buy by clicking this link from Amazon website..

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