Welltory, a mobile app to check your stress levels Free

Typically checking your stress level needs a hospital and a hardware equipment alongside few blood tests. Thanks to this New york based startup, they have come up with an amazing mobile app to check your stress level. They are called Welltory

After having closed its second investment round and raising $1 million, Welltory is focused on cutting edge mobile technology to cut down your stress levels and increase your productivity to make your life meaningful.

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It is a kind of Google analytics for Humans, one with full reports, Type A – Type B testing and KPI metrics.

How Does the App Work?

It keeps a close check on your heartbeat and uses the results using PPG technology and than applies variable algorithms to check the state of “autonomic nervous system” which determines your stress level.


The best part is, the app can be synced with fitness trackers like Fitbit as well as Apple, Google Fit to collect data about various patrons such as sleep, diet and your physical activity.

Based on a patron revealed by the data, you can decide about your daily routine, what works for you and what does not and reduce your stress level.

Visit their website at Welltory (iOSAndroid)

Via: Tech Crunch


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