Facebook is removing accidental clicks from its ad network

Good news for Advertisers, Facebook finally has heard you. Now the advertisers promoting their pages and content will no longer have to worry about paying for clicks by the users which accidentally took place.

This usually happens to all of us, some times we accidentally click on something which we never meant to click and realize it is a mistake and hit the back button immediately to get back to the post. Advertisers were charged for such clicks regardless of the time user spent on their page or a website. In order to protect the interest of advertisers, Facebook has developed an algorithm which factors out any click that lasts less than 3 minutes. This automatically means, the users accidentally clicked on the ad and went back to the posts.

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Product Marketing Manager Brett Vogel said Facebook won’t be charging for those clicks in a statement to Tech Crunch

This step makes Facebook advertisement more seamless and popular. Advertisers now know that their money is spend on those ads which will be clicked by the users who are actually looking, willing to see their Ads.

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