USD Is Dying, Buy Bitcoin (BTC) – Says ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author

The Author Tweets, Buy Bitcoin, Real Gold $ Real Silver

Robert Kiyosaki, the writer of one of the hottest selling book in the history ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, recommends buying Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver.

Robert believes the US dollar is dying.

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Fed’s printing press is at work again but this time, the amount of UDD won’t suffice as the Fed may have to inject $6 to $8 trillion into the struggling economy from the printing press. The real problem is, there is only $9.5 trillion in gold in the world and the Fed wants to print more dollars than the available amount of reserves.

Kiyosaki in his tweet suggests, buying Bitcoin, real gold and real silver could help save money. He believes, PHDs at Fed are idiots.

By looking at his tweet, one fears, Bitcoin is the hardest money in human history. Silver has been demonetized, Gold is following the footprints of silver and both are losing their monetary premium status to Bitcoin in the years ahead.

Here is an interesting response to the tweet above. In this video, the Russian President gives his opinion about the US dollar.

Bitcoin stability has been questioned so one doubts the wisdom of Mr. Kiyosaki. The crypto has seen many nose-dives in the last 2 years, making it skeptical for investors to pour in their money.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin price has surged too, it stands at 7,313.19 United States Dollar.


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