Skype introduces the “Meet Now” feature

Microsft is to be seizing a window of opportunity after its rival Zoom struggle to maintain its userbase, after recently discovered security and privacy issues. The ongoing troubles have caused NYC to ban inf favor of Microsoft Teams across its 2000 schools.

Although Skype remains a shadow of former self due to Microsoft mismanagement of the platform, the software new “Meet Now” comes at the right time for many users looking to host and attend meetings remotely as Zoom halts its feature development and admits that they had access to private calls.

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The process is fairly quick and allows for hosting a video conference with a few seconds. Every user gets a unique link that a host can share with its participants both of who are not required to sign up on skype. Microsoft notes that these links do not expire and can be used at any time.

Users on desktop can join calls through the Skype app or its web-based client as long as there are using a chromium-based browser. Cell phone users can also join but as guests as they need to skype on their phones

This is a great example of Disruptive Innovation and how opportunity costs matter.
Zoom failure to resolve issues pertaining to security has put their 200 million userbases at stake and Microsoft has stepped up the game.

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