IBM shared AI tools to Analyse and treat COVID-19

IBM, one of the oldest and greatest IT firms of our generation aims to help researchers to better understand and finds means to treat COVID-19. To do this task its putting its advanced AI to work. As of this moment IBM has released a series of tools to integrate data which will help researchers to explore potential therapies, advance the study of Newly sequenced SARS-CoV-2 Genome thanks to NUST and make the latest information available to healthcare professionals.

Its AI deep search tool is taking data form licensed databases of Drugbank, and GenBank all 3 a coalition of White house research groups. Researchers can use the search tool to pose queries and use machine learning to extract relevant information form more than 14000 documents. The tool has the ability to add and index 100,000 PDFs per day.

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At the same time, IBM is also making its Functional Genomic Platform available for free for the duration of this mass epidemic. This cloud-based research too is an index of genes, proteins and other enzymes from a sequenced viral and bacterial organisms .its purpose is to identify targets necessary for drug design, test development, and treatment. IBM has already identified 3000 enzymes as potential COVID-19 therapy candidates and its sharing this information as an open license.

Using the Weather channel app IBM is also bringing COVID-19 data on cell phones. It will utilize cell phone locations to study the spread of COVID-19. This is some great news for healthcare professionals who are being overwhelmed by this invisible plague.

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