UpWork releases 20 Fastest growing Freelance skills in Q3, 2019

Upwork.com is the world’s largest and arguably the best freelance marketplace where contractual, freelance jobs are posted daily for different skills.

The site has a huge number of projects and a long list of expert freelancers offering their skills from all over the world.

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The company releases the most in-demand fastest-growing freelance skills every quarter of the year.

Recently, Upwork released a blog post highlighting “The Upwork 100, ranking the top 100 in-demand skills for independent professionals”.

The top 20 fastest-growing skills, Q3 2019:

  1. .NET Core

  2. TypeScript

  3. Landing pages

  4. eBooks

  5. Android

  6. Electronic design

  7. Presentation

  8. Sketch

  9. Research

  10. Technical recruiter

  11. Bank reconciliation

  12. Slack

  13. Google Tag Manager

  14. Sourcing

  15. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  16. Video post-editing

  17. LinkedIn Recruiting

  18. Data visualization

  19. Interviewing

  20. Interior design

it is noteworthy to mention that Adobe Premiere lands a position at 26th number followed by 2D animation at 27th position. AutoCAD is at 36th position and Data entry is ranked as the 50th highest in-demand skill on Upwork. For graphic designers, Motion Graphics, Infographics are at 51 and 52 respectively.

One important skill I would like to mention here is English Grammar which is ranked 76th position. Branding is at 81 and accounting, virtual assistants are ranked at 92 and 93 respectively.

Here’s how top skills in demand have changed since Q2, 2018:



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