Facebook removes invite button for guests in Live-Stream

In a shocking move, Facebook has removed the guest invitation facility on the Facebook live stream.

There is a lot of discussion going on the Internet about the sudden move because many believe, this is one of the best features of Facebook.

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By using invite facility, host was able to add one or more participants in the lifestream making the content useful for the viewers. With the removal of this facility, now, viewers will only watch the host on the screen and one begins to wonder, why would Facebook scrap the ability to add participants in the live video.

The move would’ve made more sense had Facebook’s scrapped live stream altogether. There were many voices raised after the sad Christchurch mosque incident where a terrorist broadcasted his sickening shooting activity on Facebook live.

Facebook faced a lot of criticism for its inability to identify negative content and not pulling it down on time. The content sadly was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world on Facebook before it was removed from the platform a few hours later.

Whatever the reason is, we hope Facebook will clarify the reason for scraping this interesting feature.

This feature will be badly missed because many influencers, celebrities, and teachers used to add participant feature to bring value to their live stream.

It needs to be further explored — if third-party sites facilitating Facebook lifestream is still offering to add participant future.

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