Top 7 Equipment Required for Road Construction

Road Construction Equipment

Road Construction Equipment

Road construction is one of the most important projects that happen in the construction industry. Without roads and the regular maintenance, they require, there’s no way for our world to function properly. People have got to go to work, families have to visit far-away family members, and you’ve just got to get around.

And that all happens with the help of specific pieces of construction equipment, like those rented out by Rent1USA. We’re going to go through these pieces in the following article, so read on to learn more about what they have to offer.

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1. Motor Grader

The first construction tool that we have to cover is the motor grader. This is basically used to flatten out surfaces that can then be covered in asphalt that will provide the basis for the road. Common models that are used in road instruction have three axles with an engine and cab at the top and middle of the machine. This is one of the most important machines in the process of constructing a road as without it, there’s no way to make the road smooth, level, and ready for driving.

2. Asphalt Mixing Plant

Another crucial piece of equipment that’s used in the construction process is the asphalt mixing plant. This is where the concrete asphalt is mixed from its primary materials into the final product that will then be spread and dried to create the road.

3. Road Roller Machine

Once that asphalt has been laid down, it’s got to be rolled into place by a road roller machine. This is pretty easy to remember as it’s right in the name! The type of roller that you’re going to use will depend totally on the specific construction project.

4. Crawler Excavator

Often referred as “diggers”, crawler excavators are the next item on our list. These are tools that are used to take large materials like rocks, load them onto a truck, and bring them to another spot on the site. When you think of crawler excavators, think of pieces of equipment like bulldozers that are used to demolish buildings.

These are commonly known as “earth-moving equipment” because they are used to move soil and rocks away from the construction site. And they are a crucial part of any construction project that requires some pretty heavy digging.

5. Forklift Truck

When you think of any construction project, you’re probably going to think about forklift trucks as the main piece of equipment that’s used. And that would be completely true! One of the most common pieces of construction equipment out there is the forklift or forklift truck. These are used to lift heavy objects from one location to another. For example, if there’s some material needed for your road construction project that needs to be moved to workers at another place, you would use a forklift to make that happen.

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6. Wheel Loader

A wheel loader, the next item on this list, is otherwise known as a front loader or skip loader. This is used to lift pile of materials from the ground and put it on the back of a dump truck or into a pit. This is similar to other items on the list when it comes to moving materials.

7. Truck Crane

Truck cranes are attached to the back of a lorry to assist in lifting necessary equipment to the construction site. These are commonly used throughout many construction projects, including for roads.

And there you have it! Those are the equipment pieces that are required for any basic road construction project. Make sure your project has all of this equipment around for it to run smoothly.

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