Facebook’s Community Help is a useful tool in Crisis

Facebook has always been taking measures to create tools that make it easy for users to check up on loved ones after an earthquake, hurricane, or any kind of disaster. It’s a relief to know your family and friends are safe and alive but there is nothing more to it. The resources are not pointed towards the direction that might be able to help people with the aftermath of a disaster. That’s about to change though. Facebook has recently added a new component to its safety check called Community Help.

With the help of this feature, Facebook users can get assistance for provision of food, shelter, and transportation. The platform has created a virtual classified advertising section where people can search through the specified posts and connect with providers through Facebook’s messenger. According to the Safety Check product designer Preethi Chetan, the platform is aimed to help communities to survive the aftershocks of a disaster.

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We want to create a space on Facebook that connects communities in the aftermath of a crisis and helps people feel safe faster, recover, and rebuild. Preethi Chetan”

It will help people to feel safe and instantly recover from what has happened. This facility will be initially provided to users in US, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and India. Although the company has plans to expand the availability of this feature to other countries. So, be prepared to activate Facebook Safety Check Feature yourself any time soon.

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