A new app for finding the right subtitles for any movie or show

It’s easy for us to type in the wrong subtitles multiple times and go through the frustrating process of reaching the correct titles of our favorite movies or shows. Recently, an app has been developed by a Dutch developer Giel Cobben named as Caption.

This application is basically developed for desktop and allows users to find and download the correct subtitles for any movie or television you they want to watch. The best thing about Caption is that it automatically renames the subtitles so they match titles of shows and movies.

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The app also features a very well-ordered drag-and-drop ability for users to easily search and download the subtitles by dropping the file inside Caption. Once the correct subtitles are identifies by Caption, users need to twice click on the file to play video.

This application provides service in a variety of languages so natives of any country can easily use it. Currently, the Caption app is available only for macOS but the developer aims to make the app available to all the other operating systems.

Caption is an application that is entirely open-sourced. If anyone wants to check the app, they can head to GitHub repository. It even helps users to make some changes if they wish to.

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