Stalkscan is an amazing Facebook tool which tells everything about a profile.

A self-proclaimed ethical hacker Inti De Ceukelaire has recently created a new tool called Stalkscan. Facebook, the world’s leading social media giant introduced Graph Search back in 2013 as a powerful tool to allow users open access to data sources the platform had previously just kept hidden. It was a powerful search engine feature that was used to find photos of neighbours of a particular age to tracking down a friend’s comments, events they have attended, their liked statuses, and even looking at the bars visited by them. Graph Search made it possible for users to search all these crazy things.

But after the launch, the service was quietly taken to the back seats. It’s still functioning but most of the people don’t even know how to access it. There are privacy concerns involved in this service and the complexity of its usage has shifted it away from being a separate feature into something that just existed.

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Stalkscan has revived the working of a long time forgotten feature and provides shocking insights into those individuals’ profiles that have not yet licked down their Facebook profile. According to De Ceukelaire, there is nothing new with the privacy concerns about Graph Search. This user-friendly tool targets the non-tech-savvy people who are not even aware what they share publically.

So, with Stalkscan you don’t need to remember anything that was required for Graph Search. With a simple UI, Stalkscreen puts it all at a user’s fingertip. Users just need to enter the URL of the person they want to search and tell Stalkscreen what they want to look for. In a new window, it will place all the information of the Facebook profile they are searching for.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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