Swiftype launches new product to search across Office, Dropbox, G Suite and many more

An AI powered application that helps you search, discover, and organize a vast amount of data to get your job done is about to make its biggest leap. It is launching an enterprise search product in order to expand its services to areas such as customer support and e-commerce.

A cloud search offer has been introduced by Google but it only helps to search for Google products. Swiftype, on the other hand offers all size businesses to easily locate their documents and files across many services. But all such different sources are causing inside knowledge of companies to be fragmented. Therefore Swifttype has created a product that connects with Dropbox, Office 365, Google’s G Suite, Zendesk and more. All these services have been brought to a one search interface.

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The co-founder and CTO Quin Hoxie called it an expertise knowledge graph as it is a place where interests rise that how the the artificial intelligence of Swiftype will look at the data. This is something that helps improving the search engine experience. The system does not require any keywords instead it understands where the users are looking for contacts or recent documents.

It helps to structure data in a useful manner for example if users are searching for contacts at a specific company, a card will be presented by Swiftype summarizing all information collected about the company. A summary of useful information is also created by Swiftype so that users do not need to open them at all.

Swiftype is not just going for a desktop search experience; it also built a mobile and is now working to integrate with Slack. This will make the search product understand the complicated requests and bring up only the relevant information from documents. The set-up process is going to be much easier than installing a traditional enterprise search appliance. With this new product, administrators just need to log in for connecting to any company-wide services. Individual users on the other hand will connect with their individual accounts.

With all the company files and documents gathered at one place, security questions do arise. But Swiftype offers a full control over the access. Access can be limited to individual devices as well as office networks. It also makes sure that users get to see only those documents they have access to. Managing site is always challenging when it comes to adding high performance search but with Swiftype’s new product it’s much easier.

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