Top 5 Reasons for being terminated

Companies fire a lot of employees every year and for most of them, they don’t actually need a reason. Employees are fired for specific reasons which take place because of their ignorance and can be avoided in the early stages. When it comes to reasons of employees getting fired, some seemingly innocent mistakes can come with hard-hitting consequences. Digital media is also becoming a big reason for people to keep losing their jobs but there are plenty of surprising ways that can get you fired instantly.

  1. Spreading negativity:

    When you are hired, you are expected to make the team’s job easier. Therefore, the least that is expected of you is to spread negativity by complaining about others and whining about the work being tough. If you do so, you will make the life of the entire team harder and they will not be able to progress. This can be a good reason to get fired at no matter what position you are working at.

  2. Not-delivering the promises:

    Over-promising while accepting a job can sometimes get you in trouble. When you are not qualified for what you have promised and telling your boss that soon you will make good progress can destroy your good impression. Failing at something you promised you could do can easily make you lose your job.

  3. Violating company’s policy:

    You need to be aware of the company’s policy when you are employed and should abide by all the rules. It may just be sending out emails to co-workers for your child’s school fundraiser or anything else, you can be violating a company’s policy and increasing your chances of being fired.

  4. Destroying company’s property:

    When you are employed in a company, you are responsible for the property that comes under your use. If you take something from your office thinking it as your own, this is going to stealing in the eyes of the employer. Even taking of the smallest things such as printer paper can be caught by your boss and then you will not be good employee bringing any benefit to the company.

  5. Speaking about the company without authorization:

    When you speak on behalf of the company without the authorities allowing you to do so, can get you fired easily. Answering a question about which you have no information and you share your personal opinion considering it the best answer, you can definitely lose your job.

Via: Forbes

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