These 4 reasons that ruin your chances of promotion

Once you realize promotion as a possibility, you start working on it with everything that you have got. But who doesn’t want a promotion and the bigger question is to really know what it takes to earn one. This is something students are not taught in school so it is no surprise if you fail at it.

So before you charge blindly ahead, you need to make sure that your plans do not get derailed by any of your own mistakes:

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1. Thinking you are ready for more:

When you work in a field for many years, you think you have gained enough experience and have demonstrated it as well. But performing well on your specific tasks does not mean that you have done the work that is required to grow your potential. You may have done your job very well but have not risen above it. So if you just think that by only performing your current role beautifully can make you eligible for a promotion, then it is, in fact, a big mistake on your part.

2. Not understanding the ecosystem:

It often happens that people consider themselves eligible for a promotion but they actually do not understand anything about the company’s culture. Without an understanding of how a company or organization actually works, whether you are supporting your employer’s highest vision, missions, and goals, it is a mistake to expect a promotion.

3. Nor networking outside the company:

Staying at one job for 5-10 years is the worst mistake that you can make in the initial years. You need to be interviewed several times, networked, or connected meaningfully with people outside your organizations in order to be better in your field. This is something that gives you more confidence and makes you a powerful employee by giving you an understanding of where you stand in the marketplace.

4.Volunteer to offer your support:

Instead of waiting for an opportunity to come to you, the best thing you can do is to identify three core areas that you are deeply passionate about. These should be in terms of the outcomes your organization is working towards and then volunteer to lead a project. It will help you to gain more exposure and become more visible in the eyes of the employers.

Via: Forbes

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