How you can be good at learning anything

There is no doubt that almost everyone does some last minute stud cramming. But have you ever wondered that whether this intensive studying over a short period of time helps or hurts your brain? According to studies, use of selective and efficient study techniques is better than cramming. For this purpose, you need to learn the art of learning efficiently. It might seem strange but it can surely save you from hours off your study time, retain information, and fine-tune your brain.

Following are the ways that can help you to form a better connection between information, facts, concepts, and emotions. You can reinforce and retrieve your memories by making these connections grow stronger and memories to be held for longer.

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Engage all your senses:

When you are studying, you need to keep all your senses engaged. If you are writing on a paper then touch it, smell peppermint, say your notes in a loud voice, and most importantly write them in different colors. It is the more sense you engage, the more likely you will be able to remember whatever you have learned.

Read upside down:

If you want to keep something word to word in your mind then read upside down and aloud. It is time efficient and it will make you focus more when you are actually reading it. Instead of mindlessly staring at your book, this will help you keep the information in your mind.

Use whiteboards:

When you are trying to retain information, try to use the classroom whiteboards. Write notes on it, definitions, or formulas and draw every kind of mechanism that comes to your mind. It works well every time.

Get connected to the material:

Just writing and reading out aloud does not mean that everything is being absorbed in your mind. Once you have read and understood the lesson, then create a mental association with the material. Build a connection between words and incidents that can relate to your life in some way.

Stick to water and fruits:

There is a lot of trend among students to stick to coffee and energy drinks thinking it would help them with studying. It might give you an instant energy but in the long-run use of energy drinks can make you a diabetic. Therefore, prefer to drinking water and eat fresh fruits instead of going for all the fancy products.

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