This Personal Tutor Earns $1,250 an hour

The personal tutor roles have been modified in this technological age. Tutors capable of serving a variety of academic issues support the students through their understanding. Now the qualification and experience of a tutor is not just subjected to the age number of the tutor, many young qualified teachers are also gaining a lot of respect and earning big rewards in this field.

Nathaniel Hannan, a 36 year old freelancer who got his master’s degree from Oxford in Philosophy and Theology. He then became a high school teacher in Washington, D.C when he found teaching as a good way to communicate with other people. With the passage of time a lot has changed for Hannan, he is now teaching the children of wealthy families and earning up to $1,250 per hour.

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He is experiencing an extremely good living standard because of getting paid more than an average school teacher. He is earning despite the struggling American education system. This is because wealthy people are not satisfied with this staggering education system and they want their children to be personally tutored for becoming successful in the competitive race. Their desire to creating ultra-private schools in their home environment has given the tutoring industry a boom.

According to a London-based tutoring agency, Tutors International, it states that their business has nearly doubled over last year. Today the salaries of personal tutors range from $70,000 to $120,000. The tutoring agency also stated that one of the tutor successfully made $400,000 a year and one another was paid $80,000 for working only for 16 weeks.

There are many other benefits that these tutors are getting for personal tutoring, these include free housing, paid travels, meals, personal assistants etc. According to the founder of Tutors International, Adam caller, wealthy families can afford to spend a lot on whatever they desire and they do not hesitate to spend on education because they understand its importance.

According to Caller, personal tutoring falls into three main categories. First personal tutoring is for wealthy families, secondly it is required by children with special needs, and the third category includes rich people who travel between multiple homes around the world. The third kind of category is based on a lot of clients and these are the people who do not want to be tied to any specific location because of their children’s schooling. They typically prefer online freelance tutor to teach their kids through Skype, messenger or any other service.

Hannan’s experience of tutoring is based upon seven years in nine countries. He loves to travel and is currently tutoring in Barcelona, Spain. He states that there are some of the downsides of personal tutoring. Personal tutoring requires the tutor to be extremely flexible all the time. Given high salaries to tutors by rich people give them the power to ask anything at a moment’s notice from the tutor. So the most important element that is required by the personal tutors is patience.

When wealthy people pay more than others for their children’s education, they start keeping unrealistic assumptions from tutors especially when it gets centred on the grades or selection of colleges. What they fail to understand is that tutors can teach, make the children understand and guarantee a GPA to a certain level. But they cannot make children attain a specific GPA. All they can do is motivate the students to work hard and make them understand everything before a certain time.

Hannan wants to work with a student who is serious about their studies and is ready to follow his guidelines. He wants to work for all such children and help them become successful in their life.

The London Tutoring Agency not just only place tutors for employment to the families, it also monitors their performance and remains in touch with both the tutor and the family so that everybody remains satisfied along the process.

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